I Just Know!

There’s many things I know I know,
And many things I know I don’t,
Many things one day I may know,
Then there’s those I probably won’t.

How can I know that what I know
Is something more than mere opinion?
Just ‘cause Google told me so,
Or am I culture’s servile minion?

Seems there are objective facts
And some things are just black and white.
Proven facts or artefacts?
Which is wrong and which is right?

Maybe it comes down to faith:
I have to trust that someone knows.
Prove all things myself? No way!
It’s easier to trust and doze!

Stephen Tomkins
17 January 2016

A Collision of Kinds

A raindrop dives into the pond,
Merging there ‘neath leafy fronds.
The only trace he leaves behind
Is perfect circles so designed
To spread his impact ever wider,
Fruit of this one moist collider.
Losing self amidst his brothers,
A kind of freedom he discovers.
Ceasing focus on himself,
Contributes to the commonwealth.
Dying, then, he’s most alive,
It’s only then that he can thrive.

Stephen Tomkins
16 January 2016

Adrift (On The Sea of Regret)


My stomach is full though I’ve not eaten yet;
I’ve just launched myself on the Sea of Regret.
I’m sickened and saddened and sorry to boot:
There’s no one to blame for this dark attribute.
And though I’m not sure how I followed this path,
I’m floating alone on this flimsy old raft.
The sea is unfriendly, the night is pitch black,
I really don’t know if I’ll find my way back.

Yet off in the distance, I glimpse a dim light –
It’s just what I need in my desperate plight.
For just when I felt like I might pull the plug,
I find myself wrapped in a comforting hug.
I suddenly find myself back on the shore,
The sea disappears with one last mighty roar.
I’m so undeserving of someone like you
But if your love sustains me, I might just pull through.

Stephen Tomkins
17 February 2016

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