This Humble Bean


This humble little Bean, untouched by human hands,
Growing unmolested in the soil of distant lands.
Valued more than dollars, pounds and even life itself,
It doesn’t linger long upon the tree or café shelf.

Its devotees may contemplate the meaning of the Bean
In sample-selling salons here and there and in between.
A life spent in such contemplation, surely, is well spent.
Ten dollars for a cup of Joe? Yep! It’s worth every cent!

Pulling, pressing, percolating – don’t care how it’s done!
I need a double shot right now – I’ll take it on the run!
Who cares about the price of oil or gold or other things?
What matters is the warming buzz and joy that coffee brings!

Stephen Tomkins
22 March 2016

You Just Never Know

First we’re happy, then we’re not,
And then we’re somewhere in between.
Start out well and then we turn,
And soon we are the colour green.
We think we’ll reach a blissful state
And there we will remain
But fail to realise, all the while,
It’s just a silly game.
The only thing that’s certain
Is that everything will change.
So relish where you are right now
Before it all turns strange.

Stephen Tomkins
15 January 2016