Life Diminished

Where commuters once would surge,
Driven by a common urge,
Uneasy silence reigns instead,
Bound by an unspoken dread.

Deep within their fortress homes,
Guarded by their garden gnomes,
The people sit in disbelief,
United in a sudden grief.

All the plans and all the goals,
Shipwrecked on unbidden shoals,
And as the next wave hits the shore,
They’re broken up a little more.

In an outer ring of Hell,
The people, mostly, are all well,
And though he wishes no one ill,
It seems Death’s not yet had his fill.

So, they remain in limbo yet,
A vaccine not an even bet.
Authorities are clueless still
With re-election to fulfil.

Stephen Tomkins
28 October 2020

5 thoughts on “Life Diminished

  1. Sitting in Wagga pondering life today over lunch whilst waiting for my car. Well along comes a piece of history and says “I know you” and indeed he did! So we chatted, about flying in Malaysia, my now retired ATC career (followed by one driving trains, now also retired:), it was a nice catch up after thirty years. You came up too, so a quick google finds you still smithing words(and hopefully music too). Loved the poems, take care.

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    • Hi Dean. Great to hear from you! So you’re a gentleman of leisure now? If you ever find yourself in Sydney, let me know. It would be nice to catch up after all this time. I’m not sure if Mr History told you I’ve just started as a Broker with Aussie. I hope you’re well and enjoying a well-earned retirement.


      • I’ve been doing a bit of casual work for a major automotive brand, firmware and software updates to high value vehicles and the like, and there’s been an A330 Captain who has “branched” into a new field as well. Strange days indeed. Not sure where it will end, but I’m hopeful.

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