Eventually the sun will rise
And I will don my slick disguise.
Eventually I’ll have to prise
Myself from bed, my act reprise.
Eventually I’ll see the sun
And realise life’s just begun.
Eventually I’ll find some fun
That pierces my desire to shun.
Eventually my heart will heal
And I’ll allow myself to feel.
Eventually I will unseal
My soul and my true self reveal.
Eventually I’ll understand
That pain will end, not reprimand.
Eventually I will disband
Excuse, pretence and live firsthand.
Eventually I’ll win the fight
If only I can survive this interminable night….

Stephen Tomkins
3 February 2015

5 thoughts on “Eventually

  1. Thanks Lily. Yes, I agree. I’m in a better place now but it still pops by from time to time. I took the photo for the header on descent into Perth one afternoon. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog too. 😊


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