Morning Commute

My bus is late! My bus is late! It’s time to hyperventilate! 

Consult my watch and scan the phone, 

At least I’m not left here alone!

I see the trees! I see the stars!

I see the lights of passing cars!

My face is tingling! Vision blurred!

The ground is tilting – how absurd!

A face appears ‘midst flashing light,

And now I’m floating in the night!

I float right into private bus

And off we go! Oh, what a fuss!

Now there’s bright lights here and a crowd,

Pushing, pulling, shouting loud!

It seems I’m passing every test,

Then they declare I just need rest!

So, this will teach that nasty bus!

I mean – who can you really trust?

Buses, trains, they’re all the same!

At least I’ve got someone to blame!

Stephen Tomkins

23 March 2016