A Love Story

He yearns for his beloved through the day and then the night.
Though he does his best to care for her, he hopes she’ll be alright.
His soul cries out in pain each time she disappears from sight,
But the thought of seeing her again, keeps the flame alight.

At last, he has the chance to hold her gently in his arms.
Clearly, he’s affected by her plentiful charms –
Her golden skin, her shapely curves, her long and slender neck.
But when, wide-mouthed, she starts to sing, he nearly hits the deck!

An angel choir greets his ears!
His eyes begin to fill with tears!
To Heaven now he quickly nears,
Blotting out his hopes and fears!

Intuition tells him that, with time, she’ll just get better.
Despite his lack of finances, he knows he has to get her.
Whipping out his credit card, he just can seal the deal!
Homeward bound with new guitar, he knows she was a steal!

Stephen Tomkins
23 July 2014

NOTE: While it is true that the author both plays and owns several guitars,
any resemblance between the character in the poem and any person (living or dead) is purely coincidental.


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